Gotrax Nova Self Balancing Hoverboard with Bright LED Lighting 6.5"-Max 5KM Range & 10KPH Max Speed

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Experience the thrill of levitating through the streets with the stylish Nova LED hoverboard by GOTRAX! Glide up to 10 km per charge on a mesmerizing journey. Ignite the night with our vibrant LED wheels. It's time to roll, light up, and let the adventure unfold!

Color: Black

400W (Dual 200W Motors)

5KM Per Charge

10KPH Max Speed

6.5" Solid Tires

23.5" x 7.2" x 7.5"

5 Hours Charge Time

Customer Reviews

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Robert Martz
Description: Comfortable
Very bad
Very good
Amazing product

It is an affordable solution for small children. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this Hoverboard. It's very sturdy and well-built, and the ride is smooth and comfortable. The battery life is impressive, and it's capable of reaching decent speeds. The hoverboard is also equipped with a reliable braking system that provides peace of mind while riding.

Natalia Holland
Description: Value-for-money
Very bad
Very good

What a great buy. My kids absolutely love these hoverboards the speakers are fantastic and my boys took to riding them super quickly. They are so durable and the wheels are of best quality. In all honesty the products are unbeatable quality. Don't hesitate if your looking for a hoverboard for you or your family this is the one to buy hands down

Stella Li
Description: Comfortable
Very bad
Very good
I Ian very happy to use this hoverboard 😃 😁

I think that this hoverboard is wonderful . It’s safe to ride and has LED lighting which makes it very fun for my son to ride! I really love the colour and the light colours. I think that this is also very good because it is very quiet 🤫. The speed is very good. It goes very fast 🚗 🏎️ I think it’s very comfortable to ride . It charges fast and I think that the touchpad feel good, sensitive very fast and it makes a beeping sound when I ever get on it and it sounds like a safe, safe hover board.
I really really like how the lights can flash the way I’m turning and when I get on and I take my foot off it starts flashing too. It’s very smooth when it because when you ride it, it doesn’t feel like it’s bumping rocking or I’m about to slip. I like the safety measures toots. It starts beeping at me red and it’s very good sensors. I really really like it. I also like the size it fits me perfectly and you can on automatically you know where the button is where to charge it and how to turn it on it’s very gentle it’s very easy it can move really fast. The wheels are like nonstick so first doesn’t get on it and I really like the turning, I think that this hover board is really good. Really good really good. I also really like the colours on the hover board but I think it still needs more colour to the lights on the side of the hover board. I also think it be very good if you connected to the phone and you can play music on it to. I also would think that it would be better if it could charge a little faster 🚘 🚗 🚙 I think if there is flashlights at the front of the house so you can see what’s in front of you. There is more electrical stuff. I also like how when you get on sounds good easy to get on your boat slip and break your head and the lights just go pop in the plastic and it all goes good and it’s really fun even with without the flashlights that I wanted, it is Great great great great specially the Hoverboard.

Bailey Thomas
Description: Comfortable, Value-for-money, Trendy
Very bad
Very good
Great Gift

We've only had it for a month but it's been great so far. My kids and their friends enjoy it a lot.

Daniel Stewart
Description: Too expensive, Casual
Very bad
Very good

My daughter got this as a birthday gift but the battery doesn’t seem to work. Can I order one? :(

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