G5 Foldable Electric Scooter 10" 32KPH | 45KM Range

Sale price$799.99 CAD

G5 Electric Scooter, with a more powerful motor, enables you to ride farther and faster; equipped with a spotlight and dual brake system to keep you riding safely. It truly makes your commuting and travels more convenient and full of passion!

500W Motor Strength 

45KM Per Charge

32KPH Max Speed

10" Air Filled Tires

47.5" x 21.8" x 48.7"

5.5 Hours Charge Time

Customer Reviews

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Casey Pritchard
High Quality!

I bought the G5 as my first e scooter 1 months ago. Alot of research went into thi purchase and I decided to go with the G5 because it offered everything I wanted at a very affordable price. I am a big guy and needd something well made made.

Brya Glaude
Really impressed

such a sturdy smooth ride. amazing power and the dual braking stops on a dime. PICKS UP NICE AND THE Suspension is a must. really hope gotrax comes out with an attachable seat for it. dont listen to the hate build quality is great.

Bradley Harmon
Exactly What I Was Hoping For

Purchased about a month ago for commuting, riding between 8-12 miles per day and I'm very satisfied with the quality and the overall performance of the G5. I feel safe riding at max speed (20mph) and I feel completely in control even when making quick last-minute turns to avoid road hazards, etc. The ride is smooth and the G5 is able to handle most of the hills on my commute, and for the one hill that is too steep I just need to give a few extra kicks to keep rolling. It is honestly just fun to ride - for the first time ever I'm excited about commuting every day. The value is also well worth it, as I'm already seeing noticeable savings in gas/toll expenses. No concerns at all at this point, will very happily refer GoTrax to anyone needing a ride!

Benjamin Solomon
Such a great ride!!!

So I have this scooter for a month now and I absolutely love it! I did my research before buying and it paid off. The scooter is bigger than expected in person which is great! Definitely adult sized for those that don? wanna look silly. But it? so much fun and such a smooth ride especially on bike trails and boardwalks where you?e going to get the best out of the scooter!

Sandra Darrow
Description: Comfortable, Trendy
Very bad
Very good
Great Scooter for price

Best $700 I will ever spend on a Electric Scooter! The ride is smooth thanks to the air filled tires that can take bumps way better than my last scooter. The suspension on the front help when traveling on a cracked road or sidewalk. The lights on it are very bright and easy to use. Would recommend 100%

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