GKS Lumios Adjustable Electric Scooter 6" 12KPH | 8KM Range

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Color: Gray

200W Avg. Motor

8KM Per Charge

12KPH Max Speed

6" Solid Rubber Tires


154 lbs Maximum Weight Capacity

Adjustable Handlebars

Now the GKS LUMIOS can grow with your child so they can enjoy it for years to come. Easily adjust the handle bars to heights between 32.3"- 37".

Enjoy A Safe Ride

The GKS Lumios scooter is easy for your child to master, using the assisted motor the GKS Lumios smoothly accelerates. Lifting your foot from back gravity sensor to slow down and then put your foot on the rear brake to realize safe stop

Customer Reviews

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Cool scooter for active kids

My son is 11 years old and his eyes lit up when I gave it to him for his birthday. He didn't have any trouble riding it from go because he has ridden his cousins electric scooters before. He simply presses the sensor button and the scooter begins to glow. I, as a parent, like the kickstand feature, because it allows the scooter to stand upright when he isn't using it. The scooter goes up to 7.5 mph and I think that is a very safe spews for kids his age. The scooter looks cool when lit up and it's actually a simple ride for him. I was able to assemble the scooter in no time and my son was enjoying his awesome new birthday present.

Ben Peterson
This scooter is just awesome for kids!

I bought this scooter for my 6 year old son since he wanted an electric scooter like Daddy's!

It's extreamly easy to build and comes with all of the tools needed to complete the job. My son and I did it together in under 30min. Essentially connect the front wheel and tube to the scooter, pop on the handle bars and you're ready to go.. You do have to top off the battery before the first ride.

As far as riding goes, my son is 6 years old and it took him a few trys to get the hang of putting his feet on the buttons. This scooter has a forward button that requires one foot to be on and a rear button that requires the other foot to be on in order to accelerate. After about three tries he was riding like a pro. The buttons are a nice touch for safety and also disengage the acceleration of the scooter once the rider pulls their foot off, generally to hit the brake which is located over the back wheel. Another cool safety feature is the built in lights, especially with it getting dark earlier in the day now that its November, it makes it much easier for other people to see you.

My son and I went for a ride around our local park and rode about 3 miles with no issues so battery life seems good as well.

It's easy to store, easy to put together and relatively easy to ride in our experience. I'd definitely buy another one for my 4 year old once he's ready for one. Definitely recommended.

nizar makarem
Wish I had one

These scooters are great! I wish I had one as a kid

Gregory Gray
Big Smile

8 yr old granddaughter loves it.

Very nice and simple to use.

This scooter is very easy to put together jt was really just 2 steps that i figured without the instructions. Just a few days ago my daughter tried it and she said that it was very fun and easy to start. The overall look is the same as the picture. The brake is very quiet and stops the scooter very smoothly.